Let's Raise a Toast; Make War


At this moment, our generation is worried about everything:

Relationships, cars, popularity, and other things.

But what about what matters the most?

More than what, but a Who, so let's raise a toast.


Let's raise a toast, to the Man upstairs,

The One who listens, to the One that cares.


Let's raise a toast, to your Biggest Fan,

Who will adore you forever, more than anyone can.


Let's raise a toast, to your Best Friend,

Who will be there for you, forever, even after, the end.


Can you believe it yet? He has much in store

He gives you grace, love, and so much more.

It's the best thing you can ever get,

So, pick back up your glass, cause we're not done yet,


Let's raise a toast, to your Dad,

Who will love you unconditionally, whether you're good or bad


Let's raise a toast, to your Compass,

Who always directs you towards home, when you're lost


Let's raise a toast, to your Protector,

Who will never hurt you; harm's first objector


Plan to make Him famous, bigger than any celebrity,

Your heart should be overjoyed with love, to the max capacity! 


Let me hear you yell, freedom! He's saved us all.

Free of burden, free of guilt, free of sin, big or small.


Show no shame, let it be known,

For you're abundent in His love, of which He shall pour.

You can put down your glass, now,

It's time to make war


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