Lets Just Pretend It Doesn't Happen

All my life I had to fight

All my life I had to fight

I fought

My family

The people I thought were my friends

Even that fool down the street

Because my skin is blacker

Than black

I’m blue-black

And apparently

Thats wack

Cause you see my lips are

A little too thick and my nose

Is a little too big and my hips

Are a little too wide and my hair

Is a little too nappy to be considered



Apparently cornrows are

“Boxer braids”



This is the part where I got stuck

Because I’m trying to find a way to

String words together to help you


Understand the pain


The black community go through

On a daily basis

You see I’m tired of seeing my brothers’

Dead faces

And I want to express to you my


But I’m not here to entertain you

So let me give it to you straight

My skin

Its beautiful

My sisters

Are queens

My brothers

Have lives to live

We are not criminals or

Hoodlums or gang banging

Fence jumping niggas

We are a people who can

And will come together

To put a stop to this



But pretend that’s not what

I just said.

Pretend I made a cute little


To make you feel comfortable

While you continue killing us

Because let’s not speak about what

Really wrong

Lets just kind of slide over it

And hope no one notices.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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