Let's go then, you and I

Let’s go then, you and I

To a place where flowers bloom

And grow in peace without fear

And if you don’t mind I would like to join you by your side

Over the world we will travel

Far beneath us in the ocean


As our love is far deeper than the ocean

For one cannot fathom how you and I

Will reach the stars as we travel

The moon will illuminate and bloom

As of all of space and time is on our side

They will let us fly into the night without fear


How can we fear

The infinite ocean

When I am by your side

Nothing can harm you and I

For all of nature will bloom

When they see us set sail to travel


Far and wide we will travel

Though we are lost and drifting across space we will not fear

For we know that passion can still bloom

Even when the darkest of blues will consume us like the ocean

We will row out into the waters, you and I

In life’s great book you and I are side by side


I look upward and send thanks above for sending you by my side

And so I bless the day we travel

Across the world just you and I

Where water will stretch into infinity with nothing to fear

I will hold your hand as we cross the ocean

And our hearts will rise with passions that bloom


We could only discover the best ways of life by letting faith bloom

I don’t need anything else, if you are by my side

Not even the immense depth of the ocean

Let us find a place to travel

Where we can live without fear

A place where faith can grow in you and I



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