Let our howls be heard


the nights where we can be free,

the nights we can follow the moons light,

where we know we can howl till our heart are content,

where we don't need to be consumed,

of the fear that lures around us,


That's how it used to be,

it used to be those beautiful nights,

where our freedom had no limits,

where we could spread our spirits,

onto the land we were born.

Onto the land where we could laugh when we felt happiness,

but mourn when we felt sadness.

Now there is no freedom, 

there is only pain,

where they had beaten our right to have that perfect freedom,

there is nothing to gain,

from the wickedness that lures in this place,

we are butterflies,

stashed in a case,

these things that seem to be from another world,

only think of us the same,

now at nights we curl,

we curl oursleves into a ball,

instead of out to play because we can't,

our legs are broken like our hearts and souls,

they are broken because of the man who bashed our heads, 

and pulled our tails,

with his bare hands,

had more to drink than the night before,

and had broken them,

he had broken our soul.

The next day they took our youngest from our clutches,

we tried to defend them from the man,

the man who touches our young with his range and starts beating them with his club,

our poor cubs,

later die in his hands...


I say those who can fight, fight,

against the evil in this world,

against those who try to bring us down.

But no more,

we will no longer be bound,

for we still have a voice,

and we still have a choice,

so I say let us growl at the man who tries to tame us,

and so I say.

Let our howls be heard!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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