Let Me Write to You a Poem

Let me write to you the injustices

When my mother’s words resound in my head

It is dangerous.

But it is okay to write about anything else.

I will.

So Let me write to you about my fears and sorrows

The way that some kids will never be happy

The way that women are made to appear

The way that we will find our own destruction

Let me write to you my anguish

How 98% of disgusting people will always get away with it

How good souls live in fear because of the color of their skin

How our religion keeps us divided!

And let me write to you the way my heart beats

When I walk alone and I feel someone  following me

How this chaotic place has made us so used to it

The way we have the nerve to say “at least we have it better”

Well let me tell you that it’s not better…

When the people who are supposed to serve and protect

When the people who are supposed to help

Just turn their backs and say “It was your fault”

“He looked suspicious”

Shoot me five more times!

I will say…

“Mom I want to write to wake

The closed minds that are left to wonder…

I am writing my dreams…

No more injustice”

But will this help?

Maybe if I write faster.

Maybe if I rhyme slower.

Maybe then, it will end.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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