Let Me Write To...


Let me write to say what others can’t.

Let me write to make vowels into flowers,

To make consonants into power.


Let me write the words that others chant.

Let me write to ignite fire,

To make others dreams soar higher.


Let me write to inspire.

Let me write to share the insight of Buddha,

To make love with words like Neruda.


Don’t let me write just to be admired.

Don’t let me write my words in vain,

My words should spark the deepest of pains.


Don’t let me write to forget my past.

Let me write to remind me of my foes,

To remember the grief that I’ve shared with Poe.


Let me write to let my creativity run fast.

Let me write to the rhythms of mad drumming,

To praise unconventionality like Cummings.


Let me write of the splendor that others fail to see.

Let me write of the madness that runs amongst,

To show that even beauty may sometimes rust.


Let me write to let my passion bleed.

Let me write to try not to drown in my fears.

Let me write about my blood, sweat and my tears.


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