Let Me Walk My Walk

Let me walk my walk.

Something bigger is coming my way.

I may cring and cry and whine

but I refuse to stay where I stay.

Tears roll down my cheeks

Watering the Earth below

If it weren't for my pain

Those sprouts would never grow.

Let me walk my walk

As painful it is to say

the smallest voice inside

begging me to run away.

But something beautiful is coming!

Something I've never seen.

And as that voice gets smaller

liberation comes with ease.

Let me walk my walk.

However that may be.

I find these strides are difficult

Change tearing at my seams.

But something great is coming

something hard to believe.

The worth is in my wisdom

My strength is in my stride

I see the future brightly

My past I leave behind

Let Me Walk My Walk

However that may be

Tears may fill my eyes

Maybe I skip along and sing

These are the moments chosen

Decisions I have Made

I am soul Responcible

I Create what makes me Me

Let Me Walk My Walk

I claim I've made mistakes.

The time it took to clean

Life lessons worth the trade.

Something beautiful is on the way

Is already here

I See. 






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