Let Me...

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 07:14 -- Ray2

Let me...
Let me sing you inside my heart until the melodies of my love break into little notes, so that the complexity of my music can be simplified
Let me write you inside my soul until the semantics of the syntax that constructs the flow of your spirit becomes the air that i breathe

Let me carve the curves and edges and rhythms of your name on my tongue, so that the world may hear my adoration every time sound manifests from my mouth
Let me capture the pigmentation of your dilated pupil and let it be the colour of my earth

Let my cerebral capacity work overtime and my neurotransmitters multiply in order for my motor skills to exert your presence and let your life be shared

Let me need you and let my existence bare witness to your existence
Let your purpose be my purpose
Let me be your fruit
Let me be your child

This is my request, Father
This is my plea my Friend
This is my symphony my God


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I'm a Jehovah Witness too, how happy I was to see your words!


My family is as well !!!

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