Let it go


They make it seem so easy, to just get up and leave. I get really excited and I start planning on leaving myself. Then I remember that I can’t. Well, perhaps I could. But I don’t have the courage to just up and leave. Not only do I not have the courage I don’t have the money. I do not know how other people my age make it around on only what is in their backpack or how they get money without holding a steady job. I applaud them as much as I envy them. I do not know their stories or how it all came to be for them or even if they like the life they have. I just know that I want to try it, but I do not have the courage to take the chance. I would love to travel the world with only a backpack and what it contains. I have been too spoiled though. All the clothes in my closet I would want to take with me. I would want to take my camera to capture every moment and beautiful thing that I cross by just to upload them to the internet. I like bathrooms that are clean and have warm water. I have become too accustomed to let everything go. So unless my desire overcomes my fear and precious belongings I will be here thinking about being somewhere else. 


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