let it go


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when it's over
let it go
no matter
how many efforts one tries
how many times one tries to work it out
if it doesn't work
let it go
goes back to being true to oneself
it's senseless to overlook aspects
knowing one will not be content
whether it's right ot wrong
no one has the right to judge
what matters is being truly happy
along with that
comes pain, sorrows, anger, distrust
this is part of the process
of ending relationship
you have an ex that have a difficult time
in dealing with the matter
that's why ex's attempt to take cheap shots
throw jabs like an amateur boxer
but regardless of the hits
i'll keep standing
i'm not going to fall
that's why i always stand tall
as time goes on, no need to put up a wall
one deserves better
it's only a matter of who
know that it's not with you
saying this all across the board
if the bad outweighs the good
time to let it go
if its not a pleasant happy relationship
time to let it go
don't hold on to someone that is not there
it's time to let it go
dont't pursue someone that doesn't want to be pursue
time to move on
let it go

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Good Job! I really enjoyed this!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the comment

i'm very humble

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