Let It Be...

Define the word "heard"

Do you wanna scream something?

Do you wanna shout something?

Or simply say something?

I have a voice that wants to be heard

I wanna spread the word

I'm tired of living in silence

I'm tired of things running through my brain

I'm tired of being being quiet

I wanna scream

I wanna shout

I want people to know what I'm about

I want them to know what I think

I want them to know my opinion

Not just let it sink

I'm tired of being weak

But to other people

It probably sounds bleak

I wanna say what's on my mind

Not complain about it and cry

Why can't I do anything?

Why can't I take a stand?

Because I'm living in a world

Where teenagers live like a brand

I don't wanna sugar coat the things I say

I wanna hear the whole world complain

Because they know I'm right

They don't wanna face it

They just wanna sit there and cry

I wanna do something

I wanna make a change

But everybody thinks that's lame

Well f*** everyone else

I'm gonna do me

And if you don't like it

Then I'll let you be...



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