Let Go

There's always that part of me that finds it hard to completely let go
I find a way to hold on to the last shred or to keep a small momento from love lost
Why can't I completely cut off the things that our toxic to me now even though they were once enriching?
It's like holding on to spoiled milk just because once upon a time it was fresh
Completely pointless
Eventually it begins to stink, mold, cause growths...
I need to learn to cut off the gangrene leg
Those things that not only no longer benefit me
But that also work towards my detriment
What I need is
I just need to
Let go....
Because when I hold on
Even if just barley
I allow the possibility for re-entry
I create a foothold that can be used to come back in
to the same capacity
Allowing certain destruction to befall me
The difference is
I would be completely at fault
What I need is
I just need to
Let go....


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