Let Freedom Ring

Our country 'tis of thee,

Sweet land of liberty,

To you I sing;

White men signing abortion laws

That kill women for no cause

Can you not see your flaws? 

Let freedom ring


He said he'd make America great again

But as people die he says Amen

Racists jump when he says when

Who is safe? Businessmen

Let freedom ring


Crooked cops shoot to kill

African Americans find no thrill

In burying family up on the hill

America, where is your human will?

Let freedom ring


Rape culture is the norm

The lies come in swarms

Victims don't need to conform

Rapists are the thunderstorm

Let freedom ring


Most terrorists are alt-rights

Muslims fight ISIS with all of their might

In their home countries they put up the fight

But but for this? America has no appetite

Let freedom ring


Punch a Nazi in the face

They think death to all Jews is ace

They put the Holocaust in a trophy case

America, defend Jewish lives in any place

Let freedom ring


It is our fight to save these lives

Don't put them in forgotten archives

Resistance is what always survives

Let freedom ring 



This poem is about: 
My country


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