Let Freedom Ring

“Let freedom ring!” Cried Jim Crow

Movements and martyrs,
The power in the moment
of the voice, long ago lost -stolen- Found again!

X marks the spot

They beat us down
and hold us back
“All men are created equal”, what happened to that?

I have a dream we will find our way

To long divided-
A haze, a cloud of fog-
My ideas are dark and twisted, justifying unjustifiable acts!

‘An unfortunate loss’

Birmingham – ‘never forget’-
empty words fill the boiling graves:
bodies to consumed by fear to lift a finger, to make a change.

A nation of hate can never be free

Lee, Smith, Till, Reese,
Parker, Guilhard, Moore,
Evers, Chappell -Countless victims of a national crime-

An injustice so high even a witness takes blame

A war raged
‘In the name of God!’
I pledge allegiance to my nation, my race, and my wallet.

“Let freedom ring!” answered the survivors, plagued by their past


Doctor Jones

Why is it that every top poem is a social justice or self image poem? Not that I mind a poem with social justice themes every now and then, I just think that there is wasted potential when so many poems are aimed towards the subject...

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