:::The Lesson:::

_________________ The Lesson__________________________
You were nowhere
Then you were born, and you came here
You grew and got to somewhere
Just then you proclaimed your glory everywhere
Wealth worshiped you
Money honored you
Luxury sang praises to you
Riches, Assets, Properties, all served you
Your Pride, the tallest mountain
Your Ego, spacious Earth could not contain
Your Arrogance, the loudest blaring of a Train
Your Balance you could no longer retain
Things fall apart
Humility humiliated haughty you, a pierce in the Heart
You were brought to Nothing, your all were set to depart
Your body members cracked, every part
Now you are Nobody
This unforeseen tragedy
Your moisturized skin turned seedy
No aid visited; those visitors who tagged you greedy
Your days of want and famine
You called on to Wealth, she did decline
You approached Money and Luxury, they refused you to recline and dine
Optimistically you ran to Riches, Assets and Properties, happily they refused you a drop of wine
Disappointed, you resort to your Pride
He was too famished, and had nothing to feed on, then he died
Your Ego couldn’t recognize you, so your soul she deride’
Your Arrogance was too busy to hear your plight, for he has got a bride
Hunger kept taking you out
Depression took you for a stroll about
Sadness gave your Glee a fatal knock-out
Reminiscence and Regret made you shout
You fell to your ground
Tears came around
Your Vibe, your Ire, your Drive, that self-exaltation, all left with zounds
Then lowliness abounds
You retraced your steps with carefulness
You wore the attractive garb of tenderness
Your words were refined by Graciousness
Apex was your exhibition of kindness and goodness
People, like me, noticed your change so obvious
We fed you with meals so luscious
We made you stand to your feet and you were industrious
Just then, your Ego recognized you and came visiting
Somehow your Pride resurrected and came requesting
Arrogance got divorced and came pleading
Others were on the queue standing
You smiled, recalling all they did in your need, you locked them all in a prison
Just then you bellowed: “I am a changed person!”
Freed from them, you grew old and died in a peaceful season
In your biography was penned your Lesson!

Composed by SirKelvin
Poem 106, ©SirKel 2016

This poem is about: 
Our world
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Very creative I like your take on society and how you put emphasis on certain words

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