Lessening the violence in my Neighborhood


United States
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Gunshots go POW!
Another teen is gone from us now.
She who had a bright future,
Now walks with an angelic-like creature.
Cousin boo goes to jail,
The whole family prays to keep his soul from hell.
Is this the part of the dream HE gave to us to share?
If you asked me I’d say, see what happens when we don’t care.
Listen to the pains of my sisters and my brothers.
Ba-Boom, Ba-Boom, Ba-boom…
Brokenness is suffering
To suffer is to be broken.
The suffering in their hearts remains,
And can’t be replaced by any other.
Stopping the violence could only bring hope to young mothers.
Old mothers bring this tradition of respect, but do we pay attention to it?
We disregard respect like a bad game played by the packs.
Their breaking their backs,
Taking responsibility the M.I.A father lacks.
Where is the man of the house even at?
Oh yea… he taking care of another child making sure it maintains a stuffed mouth.
Dear Mr. King, Dear Mr. King, Let me live a different dream.
A dream with no violence reported from the News Center 7 team.
A dream where we as a family can help one another achieve.
A dream, A sweet dream, that will be our paradise and recognition.
Dear Mr. King, Dear Mr. King, Please let me make another dream.
My dream, that pushes struggling and suffering far downstream.
My own dream with me moving upstream.
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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

violence of all affects all of us
needs to address all acroos the board
go to a conference, function or a social venue to advocate the importance of violence and its affect
great job in writing this piece, continue to write

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