Less is More


I am struggling to find the words, but they say that silence is beautiful.

Enjoy the quiet

Don't speak

Don't make a noise

Silence is beautiful

What can I say that's worth breaking the spell?

It isn't worth it, I think

And my words remain unspoken


I always found beauty in the way my mother spoke

Poetic Russian phrases that hold no meaning in English

Nearly impossible to translate

Delicate strands of words lost in the swirl of languages and flattened by grammatical rules

Her voice writes script in my mind, runs unhindered, taunts the emptiness of silence

Her speech, untameable

A breath of freedom all at once

An unhindered expression of self in a single spoken moment


To me it is heard

To me it is given and shared

She told me to sing more

But they say silence is beautiful


Her mouth effortlessly forms phrases I cannot forget

"Wisdom brings life

Wisdom shared multiplies it

And lights the darkness

And the world needs more light, God knows"


If silence is beautiful

Then my mind is hopelessly rotten

A roaring, tumbling, mess of a, mix of a, turn the world upside down, cacophony of sound

And through it all

I struggle to find the words

To make them as golden as my mother's

All I can manage is a weak copy


Tick tock

The world is not lighter

A small, sad swell against the infinite shore

Don't make a noise

Don't utter nonsense

Sit pretty

After all, silence is beautiful



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