Thoughts speak louder than words,

So they say.

Never had I believed it more,

As time flew by the day.


As a young child,

I spoke and thought of wonders.

Books and cleverness,

It appeared to be so all the while.


As a young adult,

I believed and discovered my potential.

Empowered by pen and paper,

As if it were a sacred religious cult.


My pen,

My mind,

And my paper were my teachers.


They became my solitude,

Through moments of weakness.

They became my rock,

Through my foundation despite darkness.


It was and is my church,

When god wasn’t there.

It is my voice,

When time took me to who knows where.


It was and is my calling,

When other dreams failed.




Was not my song to take flight.


I am the composer,

As poems are my music.

I am the artist,

As poems are my masterpiece,

I am a poet.


That is my name,

As it shall be remembered.


That is my Legacy,

As it shall be forevermore.

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