Left It Be A Story

Dreaming that wills have you stay with me

Forever ever thought we live in old house

But we still have one another.

This letter is your letter to visited me

To come to you're wedding for tomorrow.


In my heart is hurting so badly.

So I write this letter then will

Give it to the river so my hurts will be gone.

Why? I love you more then anything.


Now, this love end.

No more

How can I am going to live without you?

When? Do my heart will gets better?

When? Do you will has gone from my mine?


Begging for God to bless you.

The person who always in my history.

Pleases that he will love you more then I.

Do not hurts her feeling.


Like you, love you

But never got to marry you.

Maybe this is our fake

Or we are not born to be lover.

I will write all my works in this paper.

Our history left it be a story.



Thank you.. I can't believe that I will get 72.8 form you... Thank you so much.

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