Left and Right

The pushing, the pulling,

The shouting, the shoving.

Why are we like this

When we can be loving?


The left and the right 

Blame the other side

But they're really two waves

In the same rolling tide.


Two sides of a coin,

Whichever one shows

Two sides of a story,

Whichever we know.


But both are in conflict

And both stir up strife.

And both don't see value

In this human life.


But both have opinions

To hear and to share,

To be heard and shared

By someone who cares.


So to those who should wonder

To which will I go?

This political binary

Should have died long ago.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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I absolutely love this! Wonderful words (my favorite is the last stanza) <3

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