Wed, 12/04/2013 - 11:44 -- fthrush



Its fall
and we're all falling.
i think of summer
brief moments of perfection
the way the sun danced through the leaves
the shelter they provided me
the soft touch
the smell of the air 
the undiscriminating shade
the rest from the world
I miss them
i lie my head down
on the newly departed leaves
ive not survived a single fall
with the blossoms of spring
ive not yet changed
my colors not spilt into the air
my limbs have not yet grown roots
my mind is not yet at peace

I cannot fall yet

my hands quiver
with the leaves that are parting
yet i find no rest in the earth
no place to lay my body down
there is no room for me
amongst the newly departed 

its fall

and we're all falling

i too will soon hit 

i will be enveloped by my fellow fallen
but for now, loves,
let the wind take you

i let go

i threw my fistfuls of loves
into the whispering wind
i too was carried away.


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