I know what it's like to be hurt.

You give your all until there is nothing left to give.

If you could you would of gave him your last shirt.

But there's more to life to live.

That's what we try to tell ourselves.

But a flashback pops up in your head

You realize he really wasn't good for your health.

The dangerous and confusing life he had lead

Caused your own personal life to go down in a spiral.

What if he was never your soul mate

He was only there to steal your joy and that was vital.

Now you fill yourself with self-hate

I could of never let him in... you say

I will never say I love you ..

But you did anyway

So what is there left to do?

Sit around and be upset that he was just another waste of time?

I can't beat myself up, I had no clue

that i'd be just another girl in line

waiting for his attention

waiting for him to love me

But did I forget to mention..

He never opened his eyes to see

That I could of been all he ever needed

his back bone , his heart.

his eyes when he needed to be leaded

I always saw the good in him from the start.

silly me...

he really did a number on my heart.

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