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I listened to two women in an airport

Speaking the language I plead to know

My mother wrote love letters

While learning a romantic language

My brother found his fiancée

On the rough streets that spoke through time

I watch you smile

You say I make

 Weird                 faces

              When I try to understand

The bubbles of words, and crevices of mountains flowing from your tongue

I tried to understand the culture of your country by folding 1000 pieces of paper

            Until my thumbs

            Were rough and numb.

My mother wants to relearn the romantic language

Lounge under the shadow of the tower

Watch people share wine and cheese

Share the wind of each others breath as strawberries stain red their lips

My brother sees his fiancée work through the muddles

Of a language that doesn’t have a word for engaged

 But its’ ruins are some of the most romantic places in the world

He says my love, my love

I don’t believe in God but you are my religion

Some religions say you shouldn’t be a part of the material world.

Don’t define yourself with material things

But I want the rain

From the same sky

In a different country to

Fall on my face

I want to hold you

While we whisper

With our fingers

Dream of your smile

I want to close the land

Between us

Feel the warmth

That blushes our skin


Arigatou gozaimasu is saying thank you through tears of thankfulness

Je t’aime is the red velvet that slides between your teeth

Bueno is the yellow mango-everything is good

 Language won’t die like Latin, and leave only one vernacular

Instead it will go on and build skyscrapers of





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