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Because I love you

I have lost myself

and yet I have found me,

for I love you 

but I cannot love myself.


I fell for your smile,

the beauty of your eyes,

the warmth of your words.

I  fell for the way you love me

when I could not.


You showed me how to love,

we walked and talked and laughed.

You held me tight and stiff,

for you asked me not to leave

and I with you wished to be.


But my love for you was stronger

much more than yours for me. 

You loved me. I love you.

Yet you dont trust me

but I trusted you more than I should.


You wrapped me in lies

ever since our ways crossed.

Because you loved me I died, 

I let you play with me

and you did as you wished.


Now I dont have you

and you will not have me

because you tried to use me 

but I am not a toy

I am who I wish to be.


Oh Dear, Now you cry.

Now there is sorrow in your eyes

such childish heart of yours now sees.

You lied not only to me 

but to your mind as well.


Sweet boy who played with me 

has now fallen to my feet

but you broke me,  I died

I cannot feel, not love, not hate

for now my heart indifferent is.


Because I loved you I have learned,

I have to love myself

but until then I wish for you the best

and hope one day to cross our ways.

Now then, until I love Myself.


-Lluvia SM.

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