Sat, 11/23/2013 - 18:16 -- AmyLeya


If there's laughter in the halls

It's at me

If there's crying in the halls

It's me

Don't judge what has already been overlooked

Another mistake

Another silly mistake

Like every red on a paper

You bring me down a bit

And soon I'm the thing you wish you could erase

The big fat on a report card

That got "mysteriously" covered in White-Out

When you got on the bus

I never knew you had to lose before you could win

And I never saw the backdrops behind me

Making my life look less empty

Because I try to tell you every day

I don't mind, I don't mind

But I do mind

And you knew it

And you thrived on it

And someday

When I have the chance to expell you to where I am now

I won't

That's a deal

Because no one should feel that pain

No one should be tortured

Even if they tortured others first

And while others might hurt you like you hurt me

I won't

Becuase I'm not like that

I don't want to hurt

I want to heal


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