Mon, 01/08/2018 - 21:47 -- Hulk

It is senior year
And then I must say goodbye.
I must say goodbye to those
I've come to care about,
Throughout the four years of high school.

Loneliness and empty time
Await me,
Before I must make new.
Friends who understand me,
I might never see again.
The stories I haven't told them,
Now must stay locked
Within me.

Sorrow, guilt, pain,
Broken heart
At what my next four years
Will bring me.
Love to a friend is unlike
That to family,
Or spouse.

My friends and peers
Will be everything I remember.
Tears will fall
As I walk out the doors
Towards my future.

Scary and unknown,
I will travel
To find my way.
My future will guide me
Someplace or somewhere,
Hopefully fulfilling.

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