Late Night Realization

I spent so much time hung up on

Someone who never cared

I simply refused to let him go

Though I was told beware

In the two years I wasted

There’s one thing I was taught

That nothing’s ever as it seems

So rethink what you thought


It was like a roller coaster

A blur of ups and downs

And though so many hopes were lost

Many more were to be found

The loss of hope for you and I

The loss of hope for us

The gain hope for a future

With someone I can trust


You toyed with my emotions

You fiddled with my heart

You pieced me back together

Just to tear me back apart

Some days my heart would blossom

And others it would die

You screamed and yelled and called me names

Then begged me not to cry


You swore you’d always love me

You told me that you cared

But then came days I’d turn around

And guess who wasn’t there

But it’s okay my darling

I forgive you for it now

Because even with the pain and fear

I made it through somehow


I’m sorry now my sweetheart

But your love’s not worth a dime

And chasing you for ages

Was such a waste of time

But I must remember

When all is said and done

You led me straight to someone else

Who might just be the one



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