Last Year

Last year I was a saint

A pleaser with a need for attention and acknowledgement of others.

Last year I was angel

Last year an innocent, a follower, non-believer, a brown-nosed teacher's pet, all I needed was a tail

My body rejected all compliments that I thought I needed to survive, however I just could not get it.

This left my sinking in a pool of despair and confusion so deep that I couldn't reach the hand of self-confidence to pull me out. 

Last year I had an other so significant, he made me swim

I swam, I swam straight through the deep pool with no breaks to the top to finally grip the hand that pulled me out of the water as well as my ways

Last year I saw my true self, but this year I am becoming my true self

Last year was the last year you could watch me drown

Last year was the last year before the pool dried

This year, I am not a saint

I am myself, and I do each task for myself

This year, I am not an angel

I am not innocent, I am a leader, believer, losing my leash and standing on two feet.

I have grown into a nice young lady, and I only have to thank…


Last year

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