Last Thoughts of You and Your Loved Ones


Thoughts coursing through

Hate sticking to you like glue

Nothing matters anymore

Not the rain, the sun, nothing more

Kindness disintegrates

only hate regenerates

pushing until you are done

Done with it all


your heart broken in two

and you wish had wings

then your heart begins to sing

the depression

nothing to end this

pain unlike anything you have known

who cares if you stay

so in your bed there you lay

knife or blade in your hand

and on your wrist there it lands

pulling, calling the blood to the surface

a voice in your head

begging you to not be dead

reminding you of all those who

care about you

those who smile

chase the ghosts of hate away awhile

the one who hugs you

and their fears tug at you

their tears trailing down their cheeks

as they look towards the weeks

the weeks coming where you aren’t there

you aren’t where they can call you home

your parents come in

crying out in horror

as they take in your still body

wrists slit, arms bloody

so keep in mind

next time

you decide to contemplate suicide

that if you died

who will all follow your lead

brother or sister

mother or father

best friends torn apart

their hearts broken

and all they have is a token

your smile

that chase away their ghosts awhile

your hugs

that undo the plugs

The sun, the rain

don't matter

until they see your smiling face





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