Last of Love

Mon, 08/19/2013 - 13:42 -- EverSo


3155 South Hidden Valley Drive Utah
United States
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"Don't die!" she gasps.

"Don't leave me!" she pleads as tears stream down her face.

He knows his fate.

She denies it.

His heart slows.

His grip on her hand weakens as she grasps his tighter.

As the light in his eyes dims, he gazes at her,

marveling once more at the deep love in her glistening eyes.

Her heart breaks as his slows.

At first the pain of his shattered body overwhelmed his mind

Only love is present now as his smile softens.

He rallies his last strength,

reaches up, and strokes her face in a chershing gesture with a trembling hand.

She closes her eyes briefly,

taking in his love.

Then his eyes close

his hand falls

and his heart stops.

The beeping of his life machine slows to one long note.

It fills the silence as she sobs in one last protest

then cries quietly to empty the deep well of sorrow in her heart

once filled with his love.



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