The Last Formation

I'd like to have a moment Sir

Up here so close to You

To talk about the things I've done

and the things I've yet to do


At times I've left formation

To peel off and slip away

When "move in, close that gap up"

Was the Order of the Day


I didn't need my compass

No, not me, I thought I knew

So I've cursed and made excuses

When my field was overdue


But each time I've lost my way, Sir

From my flight of fellow man

You've found and brought me safely

To formation once again


And I know that you are watching

As I walk Your walls of air

For the majesty of Heaven

Is above me everywhere


And when you form your squadron, Sir

and lead those men who fly 

On their last and final mission

To your airdome in the sky


I ask that I may be there, Sir

To make that journey too

With throttles to the firewall

Sir, let me follow You


(This poem was originally written by my grandfather, Maj. Henry J. Fallone 

of the US Army Air Forces during WWII. He was a bomber pilot and carried

this poem with him on all of his 51 missions.)




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