The language of our Souls

Are you comfortable enough that even long pauses- seem complete?

That if your words were to run off into the hills scared to death to speak, would your lover understand your silence enough to hold you closer and let it be? If so, then amen, so let it be.

If sheep were we and our love like the warm countryside, could our light aid the hungry child?

Whose aching soul roars with the hunger of centuries of civil wars untold, could our light guide his gentle heart back home? If so... then amen, so let it be. 

If one day your mind grows tired with heavy deceit and your walk starts to falter, while you feel your heart breaching unto the steps of defeat.

Will I hold you up, to the sun up above and whisper softly, succumbed to love

"My darling, you must not give up. For in that mind that has taken you to hell, I have found an eternal wishing well. And though your walk may st-st-stutter, it always stands. To show that even in your weakness you still have the broad shoulders of a man. And I understand that your heart is breaking but don't ever be fooled, its not broken nor cascading, you must crack it open and at times it will hurt to put the chisel to the piece but you are a man whose never scared of defeat. YOU HAVE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR HANDS WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE IMPEACHED, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT JUST ROCK- you are water, and by my shores you will always find shells singing in your ear..."

"Go on, go on. Do as you must. I will be here to the day we turn into dust. I've loved you when you were a river and I was only a pebble and look at how far and wide we have traveled. I am always with you, in every rock you slam against, and circulating under the very depths of your waves, is me.. it is I. The yin to your yang. I loved you when I was a pebble and you were only a stream, and it was only our love that turned us into the land and the sea."

If it is so then I must truly love you, and these aren't conditions but a code to my heart so I will know this man... this man not only deserves me, but I am humbled to share my days with him . I want you to understand that it will be hard. It will be treacherous hurricanes and leaps into uninviting, dark, murky waters. But if I have reached the point where I choose not just you, but us? Over me? If I have grown to understand the real terms of me loving you and you loving me? Then amen... So let it be.


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