language of love


Language is beautiful

But not very useful

No matter what way you say it

They won’t understand

To the core how you really feel

It will sound all fancy and good in French

And mighty and strong in German

Skilled and impressive in Chinese

But no one will truly know not even in Japanese

Language is the source of misunderstanding

A fox did say to a little prince once

And how truer those words can be

For my “I love you” s will never transmit

Such raw and pure emotions

Though language such a beautiful craft

Only separate us more and more

Still I can’t help but ask

How many ways can you say I love you? :

Je t’aime, Te quiero , ich liebe dich,

Wǒ ài nǐ, aishiteru, te iubesk…

Perhaps maybe a kiss…

Because it’s a language

Body Language that is…


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