Land of the free

Land of the free 

a great hope many can see 

some it's college or the American dream

but if you get realistic you change the scene 

college is expensive and you leave with debt 

a payment each month is set 

a mortgage is made to make it through bills

and troubled teens make for a kill

The land of the free is all messed up 

and it'll get worst each day thanks to Trump

but I come to give hope

a reassuring way to cope 

see we've made way through troubled water and we can do it again 

we could find a way for college to be cost effective for all women and men 

let's not seek out for all the money on this planet 

let's make sure we make it easy to inhabit 

let go of all those green houses gases

let's make room for more smiles to come to the masses 

let's put the guns down 

Let's make happiness and equality resound 

let's unite and truly be 

The land of the free 


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