Lady Of The Night

There in the corner, looking oh so pretty.

Oh my god,

what a beauty,

what treasured a site to see. 


How's it possible she's so fit, 

She seems so right.

I see her stare, everywhere,

until she looks this way.. 


Slightly embarrassed, taken aback,

surely this stunner is not interested in me?

Desire and lust take over,

I need to speak to this femme fatal-e.


Watching her walk glance this way,

She strolls over,

I take a deep breath

with anticipatory.


Before I know it she's right next to me.

She strokes my arm,

displays her teeth,

flicks her groomed wavy hair, for all to see. 


I catch a scent of something,

special and unique.

To say she's gorgoues and hot,

just too much for me. 


She's ask's  'sprechen sie deutsch?',

My cheeky reply  'no parle, lingue'

We laugh and giggle, have a few drinks,

Until we decide to go.  


I walk behind her,  people stare,

Feeling like Jonny Bravo.

Looks of hatred towards me now, I couldn't 'give a toss',

Oh damn what a figure,  I can't wait to 'F**k'


Knowing this certainty

going to come to me.

I smile, relax,

 Say to myself,  enjoy the journey. 


The time has come to exchange agreements and mo-ney.

Get this out of the way, 

I can't wait to get my hands,

On her heavenly body.


We strip and lay on the crimson sheets,

acting out a familiar scene.

Passionate exchange between us now,

All too much for me. 


We kiss, touch, rub one another,

 I am all out of energy. 

How did this happen,

So bloody quickly.


She's an expert in this field,

Area of exotic beauty.

Hats off to her this time,

I happily surrender to thee. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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