Lady Language


Lady Language- a beauty

I absolutely adore.

Her alliteration- accentuation-

just once, quite suddenly, abducted my heart with a zeal

that leaves the now empty cavity never sated.

Though I admit,

it remains an altogether satisfying hunger.


How is it then, that a thing owning such beauty

can engender such misuse?

Just as I love her, I vehemently stand against a few of her children.

These made expressible because of her nature.

Hate speech, Racism, Bigotry,

and that twisted step-child Hypocrisy, though I do not fail to see the irony, even here

in my pronounced hate of hatred.  


I come to wonder now,

as I continue to muse,

 how I can so profess my love to something

that in turn creates the things I detest.

Decidedly, it’s a riddle.

Though I find that perhaps the easiest answer remains, for me, the most correct.

 It may just be that the job of the lover,

is to both accept and yet still strive to understand

The perceived faults of the one so loved. 


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