Ladies Don't Wish To Love Me by George Kyomushula

Ladies back off I'm the bad guy whom you will get cough when you say hi ladies I'm careless and ruthless, in a relationship I'm just useless .


Ladies don't ask me to meet up for A coffee , you will not be well spoiled but ended up calling a police, ladies you shall not be trapped with politely face of mine. I'm the beast grinding on the streets to go out with you forget that I will be neat, ladies don't love me, I will break your heart into pieces and it will be hard for you to fix it .


Ladies don't think of coming to change me, I'm psycho , womanizer , dating me will went rival everything in between wouldn't be on hands of sychronizer, ladies I'm not A good guy even when you look at me , my eyes will tempt you to come just say hi and you will fill guilty inside me.


Ladies i wish not to break your hearts but you're welcome to come break mine cause I just don't give A fuck , I get used to it , my heart is already been broken I just collected the pieces ,sewed it that's why it just got rotten, ladies you need A gentleman, seeing A man like me your future plans to be happy one will be burden .


Ladies don't come get me.. thinking that I'm sinking, I do rather get drown than comes from the mud and embracing you will dirty on your dress that you just putted it on .


Ladies don't fall in love with me, I will break your heart and it will be hard for you to just find the missing pieces, ladies don't come slap my face, cause my less anger management will not resist me to boxing day you with A fist as A present.


Ladies don't love me, leave me alone I'm the beast on a skin of sheep, ladies be scared of me even when I don't real look like A threat, ladies loves yourselves, few men whom are not like me will be loving you for just being yourselves .


Ladies don't love me, I'm psycho if you either don't agree with me just go ask my Lil brother Michael, ladies stay away from me , I'm a bad man just don't wish to fall in love with me I'm worst gunman, I'm heartless caused by my madness .


Ladies stay away from me I'm black moon in your darkness, loving me can't make you see, we will sail for ages in a dark sea, ladies don't wish to fall in love with me, I'm A storm of bumblebees .


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