Lack of WISDOM  = DUMB

You must carry the game on
Cause God wants the next generation of black men to be strong
It won't be long before the bell is Tolled
If you don't pass it on
How can we last?
God made your age a teacher but
Where's the class?
He blessed you with time so bless us
With the knowledge
Wisdom to the youth's brain is like a  probiotic.
Health is wealth all that wisdom you gained was never solely for self
Selfishness only helps you run in place
You survived the times but now you owe the race.
Without old school what is it for new school to learn?
Once you pass that torch it shall always be carried on
You a OG  you currently possess Knowledge That's a part of History
So pass it down before you pass away so it's no longer of Mystery
You can't call yourself a root if you gonna be selfish with the rest of the tree.
Recognize you have the
shrewdness and the discernment
Without  proper tools what shall we learn with?
They choose to hang out with Fools because they have OG's to burn with.
This generation has no ambiguity
Mainly cuz they lack acuity
So pass the insight before the grave so everyone else can see

Sergio W

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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