The lack of a future.

The cost of a child.
Two thousand forty one dollars. 
Just to have a child. 
The cost of  good health. 
Three hundred twenty eight dollars. 
Just to stay healthy.
The cost of living. 
Fifty one thousand dollars a house. 
Given that you are lucky. 
The economy. 
Slowly falling to a dark pit. 
Unfortunate kids. 
To brave a problem. 
That they had no control over. 
And no idea. 
To have no power. 
No control of the new future. 
And dwindling hope. 
Now think of what if. 
A world where money was valued. 
And kids had a chance. 
Where they can afford. 
Education and a future. 
Without the prices. 
Prices that hurt them. 
Prices that make life hard to grasp. 
Prices that struggle. 
From poor beginnings. 
To great endings for children. 
And with fulfilled dreams. 
Each day gets harder. 
And each year gets more expensive. 
Just to stay afloat. 
We can make a change. 
Where their future is safer. 
With happier ends.  
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