You’re looking in his eyes
And you seem to be falling for his lies
You can’t seem to see
The secrets behind that smile
You don’t know
That honesty isn’t his style
Run away fast, and do it now
Or you’ll be in a maze
And you’ll never get out
Once you get sucked in you won’t get out alive
Once you’re inside you’re stuck for all time
It’s a maze that has no end
It’s a maze you’ll never leave again
Take two steps back, then run away
Don’t stick around, don’t stay
If you don’t step away you won’t get out
In the labyrinth your body will never be found
You see those girls all having fun
And you don’t know what they’ve done
No matter what, you can’t seem to see
That behind their smiles
A monster’s lurking beneath
Run away as fast as you can
And never look back again
You’ve got seconds, you’d better run
Get away, and you’re finally done
If you don’t, it’ll take you down
So you’d better get away now
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