Kratos in the 21st Century

Feeling power rushing through my veins
everything that happens lately makes me just insane
when i punch an opponent he momentarily faints
undefeated barehand but also i have blades

Dare to challange me to fight, its ok your not the only one
I'll let you know what happens now and how it's gonna run
The kids these days are weak take notes this is really fun
I've beaten every god in greece, i'll do same in this realm

Twenty first century has proven to be nice
i've been to many nations and i've been to some fights
i found MMA and won there all spotlights
nobody's strong like me, they hit me then they cry

But there's something negative i should confess about
I was in court because there has been many doubts
Some people think such power on Earth shouldnt be allowed
and others have protected me and i am really proud

They wanted me to go to Mars which made me really mad
I thought all night about this while laying on my bed
I came up with a proposition which was a little sad 
I had to restrict my powers, the judges were glad

So now im like that superman, i can't use all my force
Unless it's US military, i show all i've got of course
And even though i'm now not strong i'm feeling no remorse
The point was to stay in the best realm - the Earth.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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