Knowledge.....Why Students Fail at Living Life


                                            We go to school, we join the clubs.

                                                We play the sports, say it’s not

                                                  rough. We hear the past and

                                                           judge those now, who

                                                              failed to win in life

                                                                 somehow. The

                                                                      Earth’s a





                                                  reach the edge,  cliffs  don’t recede!

                                                 If this were true      do    you suppose

                                    Students                          would               jump or

                            freeze                                                                      like stone?

                        A quick                                                K                        escape is

                         what                                          N                                          most

                        seek,                                                               O                      They

                     find it in                                              W                                        their pills

                    and drinks.                                                           L                           What’s

                        even worse                                   E                                               is what’s

                        ignored-adults                                             D                                  seek to

                        prevent tragedies,                            G                                           not caring

                      why we act like this. I used                      E                                       a formula

                   one day (math is not useless, I                                                            must say).

               Sixty percent of teens are stressed—the                                                  rest don’t

           worry about tests. Eight hours of sleep is what                                         most need-

         Without it some can still achieve. Those perfect “A’s”                            and endless

             praise Will become a cost one day. They shout “compete”, They yell “just win”,

            But only one’s  valedictorian. And even then, there’s thousands more—More

            competition than before. We write a page, reread, rewrite, It all continues,

            all in spite Of the well-known truth that most work’s fraud, Yet so many

               still receive applaud. We learn from youth about success, Staying in

              school is for the best. An odd case comes, an odd case goes, The

              majority don’t succeed , I suppose. So much to do, so much to say.

                     I  must go now         there’s one more page, Of never-

                                                           ending work to “fake”, But I

                                                              will leave you with this truth:

                                                                We learn about so many things,

                                                               Our brains explode from lack of

                                                                 sleep, Our feet get sore, our eyelids

                                                                  droop, Hair’s falling out, but it’s

                                                                  no use To mention this to those deaf

                                                                 ears That placed us in this state.


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