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have you ever met someone
and found yourself
so overwhelmed by passion
that you just had to tell them everything?
every odd and amazing fact you learned in school
(like how a giraffe’s heart is the largest in the animal kingdom
like how the smallest bone in your body resides in your ear
like finding out exactly where in the world the Isle of Man is
like how everything you’ve ever felt is a result of chemical reactions that occur in your brain)
everything you had to find out for yourself
(like how if you somehow manage to hit your head hard enough, you actually do see stars
like how it feels to be talentless at something, but to love doing it anyway
like how it feels to love someone so much, you don’t simply feel butterflies in your stomach, but in every fucking fibre of your body
like how it feels to lose that person)
everything you’ve learned from other peoples’ experiences
(like why it’s important to truly know your limits
like how, if you spend too much time in chlorinated water, patches of hair on your body will actually stop growing back
like what might drive someone to physically harm themselves
like what might drive someone to leave and never come back)
everything I wish I never found out
(like what it feels like to get used to the sight of your mother crying
like what it feels like to be screamed at, hit, degraded, torn down, and shattered on a school night
like what it feels like to go to school the next morning with a smile on your face, playing pretend that everything is just dandy, day after day
like how, no matter how hard you pretend something doesn’t exist, that doesn’t make it go away
like how cuts, bruises, scrapes, and breaks will always heal on their own, but how the emotional stuff is a little trickier.)
have you ever met someone
that you just knew would actually get it
if only you could find the words?

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