To Know Her


United States
40° 46' 5.0016" N, 77° 50' 53.3868" W

Like a daisy gracefully swaying
or a chocolate, rolled in coco.
To know her, is to indulge in the wonder of living,
embracing the joys, facing the woes.

The ferns are thick,
as they always are.
Overgrowth on the trail,
covering the forest floor in an unbidden veil.

Clamshells skim across the water,
as wisdom is shared across a smoldering flame.
Learning the way of clay, and the way of the potter,
a meeting with her that has left me, never the same.

To know her, has taught me the beautiful nectars of passion,
the potential of a dream, and creative spark.
The silken comfort of family's compassion,
and the grandeur of the heart.

I have learned so many things from knowing her,
I only wish I had more to offer,
But my eternal gratitude, for my second mother,
For igniting a beautiful flame, and inspiring her surrounding world.

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