To Know the Future

Inside we all know the future is a mystery,

but we can't help but want to figure it out,

to know everything will be okay,

to know we'll make it through the hardships of our current day to day,

to know it will all pay off in the end, 

but we don't get to know.


We want to know what job we'll have, 

where we'll live, who we'll marry,

what our lives will look like 1, 5, 10, 50 years from now,

whether we'll be living happy and content

or suffering and miserable, always wanting more,

but we don't get to know.


We wonder what comes after this life, 

whether we'll get to live again in another life

or whether this is the end of it all, 

what the afterlife may look like and

whether it will be better or worse than the here and now,

and for some, they don't get to know.


But for those who follow God, they don't have to guess,

they may not know the details of what the future holds,

of who they'll become or how their lives will end up,

but they know they have a future with the Creator of it all

where they'll live in worship and glory, made anew in a better life and a better world,

so it's okay that we don't know everything right now,

because we know enough to keep going.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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