Some for infinity

Tied together tight

Never taken away

Until it is not needed

Until its job is done


If time goes by long enough

The water will eat away the rope

Some day the anchor will drop alone

The rope will snap back up

They’ll sit there wondering what went wrong

Pondering why the rope wasn’t strong

Isn’t it funny how the rope can come back,

But the anchor it held is the one that sank?


The weeping is heard from all around


The ship setting sail for there is nothing to hold it

This time, the compass fails, the glass cover cracks

The ship won’t go in quite the right way

Landing in Europe or Paraguay

Isn’t it peculiar if the compass fails

The ship is the one to go the wrong way?

The compass can’t move, it just spins a needle

How can something so small change the course of a sail?


The birds try to guide the ship right home

 The birds face each other

Another sits still

 Refusing to help

The two can’t either,

They can’t stop staring at one another,

It’s a perfect pairing

The third bird sits upon a mast

The sailors push it from its perch

They force it to go so far away

To leave a place where it was content

Isn’t it strange how the two birds went mad and broke from their gaze when the third bird was pushed?


Relative, it’s all relative

It’s all relative to you.

You are my rope, don’t let me go

You are my compass, don’t crack again

You are my bird, so stubborn and ornery,

I would go mad if you were pushed off the edge.


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