Knock Knock

Knock Knock

God? Are you there?

God? God?

I have a question.



Do you remember it God?

When our hands were meant to comfort,

Not to bruise and neglect.

And when our smiles were meant to soften

A cold heart;

Not to smother one with lies.


Was it all in vain, God?

Were we supposed to change?

One look,

But our eyes have hallowed.

God knows why,

But our love

–Now a bloodless vein–

Pumps the hell that we have followed.

That hell of ignorance,

Deception and Arrogance.


God, Did you ever care?


What’s this thing on my wrist, God?

This nightmare,

Hidden behind my watch

–Oh that timeless watch–

I don’t quite remember.

God, who was he? She? Them?

Were they all your tests

Or a relationship I crumbled.

They whispered deceit

“Love, Love, Love”

But Love is bloodless.

It never is blind.

Oh, what a painful defeat.


God, did you make me as a puppet

For them, he and she,

To pluck and pull my strings?

God, what about those nights

–Oh those quiet nights–

On the cold winter streets.

The footsteps we made,

And you above who watched them.

Were they merely a hole

For the Snow to fill up where our feet

Used to be?

Was my heart merely a void,

Empty, only to be filled up rigorously

By the Lies they used to tell me?


Shouldn’t it have mattered, God?

Those smiles that never pitied

Those words that never hurt

Those rough hands that were meant to soften.


Were their eyes meant to ease

Even the greatest of sorrows?

Or was I meant to be a victim

Of them, he and she,

In this disaster,

This trophy known as



God, did I have to change?


Knock Knock

God? Are you there?

Please Answer.

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