Knight Rider


Approaching The Stars

Leaving The Atmosphere Becoming Closer With God

Vibrations Of Manifestations Manifested Out Of The Mannerism Of Our Creator 

Fitted And Tailored As Such

We Must Address It As What

We Can Relate To

Light Years Ahead Of You

In Tune With The Pedestal 

Which Revel As Metaphors

Filling The Void Amongst Planets And Asteroids

Touching My Android

GPS System Wisdom

I Know Where Im Headed

Flow With The Pulsars

Embedded My Prescence

Along With The Quasars 

Im Truly Endeavored Along The Path Of Higher Learning

Scrolling Along A Dying Star With The Flame Burning


We Debate Upon Routes

Which We Soon Start To Doubt

With Abilities To Oust

Every Little Thing 

Which We Once Held True

But When You're Lost

What Are You Forced To Do

Let Me Tell You




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