Klein Bottle


A Klein bottle is a three-dimensional figure that has no in or out; it is whole.
I am not a Klein bottle, for I crack my bones.

As I crack my knuckles,
I can feel the anxiety setting in, like a penguin that sits on his egg, no intention of abandonment.

As I crack my back,
I can see the blood flushing my skin, like a wave that rushes over the sand, leaving no trace of the light.

As I crack my toes,
I can hear the knock on the door, like the incessant pitter-patter of a loose faucet, no one willing to stop it.

As I crack my neck
I can taste the stench of the intruder, approaching like a mouse to a piece of cheese, no idea of the misery it will face.

As I crack open the door
I can smell my own fear mixing with his as we contract our muscles all at once, no intention of abandoning my goal, no trace of light in my soul, no one willing to stop my foe, no idea of the misery that I will soon know.

But I soon realized who the intruder was. We were one.
And the next time I tried to crack my bones, it was too late, for they were nowhere to be found

Because I am now a glorious Klein bottle that will never again crack.


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