A caring word from the heart, or
An action done for someone else;
The ability to display affection, or
The ability to think outside one’s self.
In this world, an individual is the focus:
To think how to get to the top, how to go, not once to stop.

In my mind, there is but few
Of the thoughts, of the negative view.
My heart has but one goal I desire,
Such a goal that could set not one, but two worlds on fire.

Helping out and giving in
Are not mere signs of frailty.
To love someone, which we all crave,
Takes more than what is easy.
Compassion and understanding
Take thought and work.
But trust me, the reward will never hurt.

No matter who, no matter where
You will leave a smile, or you will leave it bare.
So go on out into this world; be a brave boy, or a girl.
Show no fear in being (kind)
For what is the legacy you will leave behind?


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